Usage Policies

Governing principle

The most important rule governing the use of White Cloud's and its satellite services is that its publicly offered services/applications can be used in commercial products, commercial services and for any commercial purpose. OEMs and developers can use the White Cloud Trust-Listing™ service to enhance their own security products.

Additionally, as stated in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, when using White Cloud the user explicily commits to:

  • Not use the services, products, content and/or tools that White Cloud has made available,for illegal purposes or purposes expressly prohibited by the Terms of Service or the effects of which may infringe upon the rights or interests of White Cloud or third-parties.
  • Abstain from any activity that could damage, overload, harm or impede the normal functioning of White Cloud's websites. Similarly, and in accordance with applicable legislation, the user undertakes to refrain from illicitly or fraudulently obtaining site contents or stealing or plagiarising said contents.
  • Not to use the products, services, contents or tools provided by White Cloud for illicit, unethical, fraudulent or illicit purposes, or for any end which could hinder White Cloud in any way.
  • Not to use the products, services, contents or tools in any way that could harm the computer security industry, whether it is directly or indirectly.
  • Not use the data rendered by White Cloud to provide trust-listing, whitelisting or black-listing services without paying our monthly subscription fee.
  • Using White Cloud rendered product names entered by users about third party products according to the exclusive property rights of their respective brands, hence, use of these names in third party products and services will be done at your sole discretion. You should ask the corresponding brands for their permission.
  • Refrain from illicitly or fraudulently obtaining site/service contents or stealing or plagiarising the said contents, in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Not submit to White Cloud any file that contains personal, confidential or sensitive data. Files are shared with antivirus vendors and other security industry game players in order to strengthen the overall security community know-how and technologies. You may not want them to have access to this kind of data.
  • When making use of any of the White Cloud Community features make sure you treat other users with respect and use appropriate language, insults and disrespect will not be tolerated. Remember, ONLY BULLY THE BULLIES!
  • If you have any doubts as to whether the use of White Cloud and its satellite services complies with our Terms of Service and our best practices, do not hesitate to contact us and request our feedback.